Conclusions: Multi-dimensional components could differentiate

\n\nConclusions: Multi-dimensional elements were able to discriminate involving those adolescents along with and also without having Web craving. It is suggested that parents along with health insurance and academic pros keep track of the particular Internet-using habits involving teenagers that have the factors discriminating regarding Internet addiction determined in the present examine.Inch”Since the actual established steady human population concept throughout demography by simply Sharpe and also Lotka, the indicator regards sign(lambda(Zero)) : sign(R-0 * 1) involving the fundamental processing number R-0 as well as the Navitoclax cell line Malthusian parameter (the intrinsic price of normal enhance) lambda(3) features played out a central function inside populace principle and it is software, given it joins individuals average reproductivity tagged by life-cycle parameters to be able to expansion character with the total population. Since R-0 will be actually described with regard to straight line population development course of action inside a regular atmosphere, it is really an important file format whenever we may formulate the usual tolerance rule for populace growth in time-heterogeneous conditions.\n\nSince your mid-1990s, several authors proposed ideas to supply the meaning of S3I-201 price R-0 in order that it does apply for you to population characteristics inside regular environments. Especially, the word R-0 within a periodic surroundings by simply Bacaer along with Guernaoui (T. Numbers. Biol. Fifty three, 2006) can be most crucial, his or her meaning of selleck products R-0 within a regular atmosphere can be viewed as the asymptotic per age group growth rate, therefore from the generational point of view, it is usually viewed as a immediate expansion of the very successful concept of R-0 in a continual environment by Diekmann, Heesterbeek and Metz (M. Numbers. Biol. 28, 1990).\n\nIn this kind of document, we propose a fresh way of create the sign connection among R-0 as well as the Malthusian parameter lambda(0) pertaining to linear organised populace characteristics within a intermittent surroundings. The quarrels rely on the standard primitivity of beneficial evolutionary method, which leads your weak ergodicity and the existence of exponential remedy in intermittent conditions. With regard to typical specific as well as infinite perspective straight line populace designs, we confirm that the beneficial exponential answer is present and also the indicator relation keeps between your Malthusian parameter, that is defined as the particular exponent from the dramatical answer, along with R-0 written by your spectral radius of the next generation user by simply Bacaer and Guernaoui’s definition.”"Meltblowing can be a exclusive one-step procedure for creating self-bonded fibrous nonwoven filters completely from polymer bonded resins, together with common soluble fiber dimension varying between One and a couple of mu m. Determining paths in making nano- or perhaps submicron-fibers by using this course of action are desirable seeing as there are numerous production possessions which are previously available. It can be envisaged why these nonwoven walls will find apps in critical places such as health-related, cleanliness, purification, bioseparation, while others.}

All of us done a retrospective investigation researching open up

All of us done a new retrospective evaluation comparing open up incisional hernia restoration with all the laparoscopic approach.\n\nMethods In between July 04 as well as Summer ’06, 123 people with incisional hernia were included. Open fix (Thirty-seven adult men and also Fortyfive females; mean age 62.6 a long time) ended up being done within Eighty two cases, while Forty-one patients went through laparoscopic restore (28 men and also A dozen women; imply age group 64.36 months). Patient- and procedure-associated features, specialized medical end result, along with recurrence rate had been determined after having a median follow-up duration of Twenty-three several weeks for your laparoscopic group as well as Two years for that available group.\n\nResults Hernia styles have been similar between the teams. The conversion process to open up fix had been required in two cases. Postoperative discomfort standing did not differ substantially. In the long-term follow-up, however, the pain sensation score was less (R = 2.001) as well as the fulfillment rate had been greater (P Equals 2.003) within the laparoscopic team. Complications occurred in 23% regarding sufferers in view team along with 20% within the LIHR class. The actual recurrence price was lower in the actual laparoscopic team, using 9% (3/35) in comparison to 23% (18/77) in view class (S Is equal to Zero.089).\n\nConclusions The benefits demonstrate your inclination that LIHR is a member of a smaller amount postoperative soreness and also comparable postoperative complications. Period of time repeat fee shows the security as well as the great long-term results of this process. Laparoscopic hernia restoration is definitely an alternative to open up measures in installments of practicality. Even more research, especially randomized governed studies, have to affirm these bits of information and supply the cornerstone pertaining to potential remedy recommendations.”"The purpose of this work ended up being to examine SBE-β-CD order behavior regarding sheep and also to bond behaviour factors along with reproduce and also age of pets. It was observed 5,971 creatures dispersed inside 181 plots regarded in order to: type — Corriedale (n=2,731), Excellent (n=1,574), Merino (n=168), Texel (n=717), Suffolk (n=247) and six crossbreds (n=534); age group * yearlings (One.5 year, n=3,021), ewes (previously mentioned One particular.Your five calendar year, and =2,457) and also lambs (common 6 months old, n=493). Typical habits involving burial plots has been evaluated through attributing lots of movement and also capacity conduction with front door, permanence and get out of through the industry public sale CP 456773 . Wildlife through much more particular dog breeds pertaining to meats creation (Sulfock and Texel) and also small pets were the most irritated and they also demonstrated more resistance to individual transmission as opposed to runners made of woll producer dog breeds and the particular older types. Actions ratings favorably related amongst the other, allowing to choose any of them to measure lambs actions. Lamb about market place public auction behavior is influenced by age and also reproduce.Inches”Purpose associated with look at the purpose of this particular evaluate is to offer an revise in palliative sedation or sleep inside palliative as well as end-of-life attention.}

Toxic body plus vivo anti-inflammatory exercise of all (1b-6b) pr

Poisoning plus vivo anti-inflammatory action of most (1b-6b) processes within Switzerland albino rodents have also been completed. Substance 1b showed the greatest anti-inflammatory action on the list of studied buildings.”"Shifting involving pK(any)Is actually throughout RNA is essential for most neurological processes; nevertheless, the particular traveling forces in charge of shifting are not properly recognized. Here, all of us figure out how constitutionnel conditions encircling protonated bottoms influence pK(a new) transferring inside double-stranded RNA (dsRNA). Using P-31 NMR, we identified the pK(any) in the adenine in an A new(+)center dept of transportation Chemical base pair in several sequence and architectural environments. Many of us located a tremendous addiction of pK(the) about the bottom partnering durability regarding nearby others who live nearby and the GSI-IX mouse spot of the neighborhood stick out. Increasing nearby neighbour foundation coupling energy shifted the pK(a new) of the adenine in a Any(+)center dot D starting set larger through a different One.Some pK(a new) products, from Some.Five to 8.1, that is nicely over neutrality. Digging in a stick out 2 foundation frames faraway from the protonated The(+)center dot Chemical bottom set shifted the pK(a) by simply only comparable to 3.5 models under a correctly base coupled hairpin; however, setting the actual fat just one single foundation pair outside the The(+)center department of transportation C foundation pair prohibited enhancement in the protonated foundation couple and also a number of flanking bottom sets. Evaluation of data gathered at 25 H as well as 100 millimeters KCl in order to organic temperatures and also Mg2+ attention revealed only small pK(any GM6001 manufacturer ) alterations, suggesting Crenigacestat that will comparable collection contexts within natural programs have the potential to get protonated from natural pH. All of us existing a general style to aid in the particular determination of your roles protonated angles might play in several dsRNA-mediated processes which include ADAR enhancing, miRNA digesting, programmed ribosomal frameshifting, and also common acid-base catalysis within ribozymes.Inches”Toll-like receptors (TLRs) are usually germ-line-encoded natural defense sensors that will identify maintained microbial buildings along with web host alarmins and signal appearance associated with MHC healthy proteins, costimulatory molecules, and also -inflammatory mediators by simply macrophages, neutrophils, dendritic tissue, and also other mobile or portable varieties. These processes trigger fast along with early systems of inbuilt host protection, and also initiate and set up flexible immune system replies. Numerous single-nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) inside TLR genetics happen to be related to altered susceptibility to contagious, -inflammatory, and also sensitive ailments, and have already been found to learn a task inside tumorigenesis. Vital improvements inside our idea of innate defense features as well as genome-wide association scientific studies (GWAS) have uncovered intricate relationships regarding hereditary polymorphisms inside TLRs along with ecological aspects.}

Conclusions: The MOST is routinely administered in less than 5 mi

Conclusions: The MOST is routinely administered in less than 5 minutes by a medical assistant, more accurately identifies dementia and severity than current screening tests, and emulates longer memory testing, making it valuable for Annual Wellness Visits and many applied clinical settings.”
“Craniofacial injuries can result from trauma, tumor

ablation, or infection and may require multiple surgical revisions. To address the challenges associated with treating craniofacial bone defects, an ideal material should have the ability to fit complex defects (i.e. be conformable), provide temporary Fosbretabulin protection to the brain until GSK-J4 the bone heals, and enhance tissue regeneration with the delivery of biologics. In this study, we evaluated the ability of injectable lysine-derived polyurethane (PUR)/allograft biocomposites to promote bone healing in critical-size rabbit calvarial defects. The biocomposites exhibited favorable injectability, characterized by a low yield stress to initiate flow of the material and

a high initial viscosity to minimize the adverse phenomena of extravasation and filter pressing. After injection, the materials cured within 10-12 min to form a tough, elastomeric solid that maintained mechanical integrity during the healing process. When injected into a critical-size calvarial defect in rabbits, the biocomposites supported ingrowth of new bone. The addition of 80 mu g mL(-1) recombinant human bone morphogenetic protein-2 (rhBMP-2)

enhanced new bone formation in the interior of the defect, as well as bridging of the defect with new bone. These observations suggest that injectable reactive PUR/allograft biocomposites are a promising approach for healing calvarial defects by providing both mechanical stability as well as local delivery of rhBMP-2.”
“Ten Ganetespib prairie plant species were grown in monoculture and mixtures of two, four, six, and all ten species for four years at a study site near Blacksburg, VA (USA) to examine relationships between species richness of perennial prairie plant mixtures and forage yield. Mixtures were highly productive, exceeding 16t (1 t = 1000 kg) ha(-1) after four years with no fertilization or irrigation. Forage yield was affected by sown species richness only in years 1 and 4 when most mixture treatments yielded more than monoculture plots. The majority of multi-species plots (71%) exhibited a positive biodiversity effect where mixtures yielded more than respective monocultures. The data also suggested a strengthening of biodiversity effects with time (more multispecies plots with relative yield totals >1 and a positive net biodiversity effect).

Material and methods A literature search in the English

Material and methods. A literature search in the English

language using the PubMed/Medline database for the MeSH terms “colorectal cancer”, “surveillance”, and “endoscopy”, with focus on sporadic CRC, excluding CRC developed on a hereditary or inflammatory bowel disease background. learn more Focus on results from the past 5 years was applied. Results. Recent systematic reviews, meta-analyses, randomized trials and prospective studies made the backbone of the article, supported by population-based findings and recent reports on tumor biology. Hard evidence to support a survival benefit from endoscopy alone is lacking. Definitions of “synchronous”, “interval”, and “metachronous” cancers are not uniform and hampers comparison of studies. The number

of metachronous cancers (usually 2-4%) that develop after curative CRC surgery is small, and better patient-tailored surveillance could improve the diagnostic yield. Compliance with endoscopy is low compared to other modalities. Age and socio-demographic factors influence on the surveillance coverage and need to be addressed in any given program. The majority of local recurrences occur within the first 3 years after surgery independent of stage, and microsatellite instable (MSI) tumors appear to be at higher risk. Conclusions. Endoscopy in surveillance after curative surgery for CRC is a resource demanding procedure. A tailored approach according see more to factors associated with an increased risk for metachronous cancer/local recurrence would increase efficiency.”
“BACKGROUND Patients carrying toss-of-function SCN5A mutations linked to Brugada syndrome (BrS) or progressive cardiac conduction disease (PCCD) are at risk of sudden cardiac death at a young age. The penetrance and expressivity of the disease are highly variable, and new toots for risk stratification

are needed.\n\nOBJECTIVES We aimed to establish whether the type of SCN5A mutation check details correlates with the clinical and electrocardiographic phenotype.\n\nMETHODS We studied BrS or PCCD probands and their relatives who carded a SCN5A mutation. Mutations were divided into 2 main groups: missense mutations (M) or mutations leading to premature truncation of the protein (T). The M group was subdivided according to available biophysical properties: M mutations with : 90% (M(inactive)) or > 90% (M(inactive)) peak I(Na) reduction were analyzed separately.\n\nRESULTS The study group was composed of 147 individuals with 32 different mutations. No differences in age and sex distribution were found between the groups. Subjects carrying a T mutation had significantly more syncopes than those with an M(active) mutation (19 of 75 versus 2 of 35, P = .03). Also, mutations associated with drastic peak I(Na) reduction (T and M(inactive) mutants) had a significantly longer PR interval, compared with M(active) mutations. All other electrocardiographic parameters were comparable.

“Background and Purpose Oxidative stress is involved in th

“Background and Purpose Oxidative stress is involved in the

pathophysiological mechanisms of stroke (e.g., atherosclerosis) and brain injury after ischemic stroke. Statins, which inhibit 3-hydroxy-3-methylglutaryl coenzyme A (HMG-CoA) reductase, have both pleiotropic and low-density lipoprotein (LDL)-lowering properties. Recent trials have shown that high-dose statins reduce the risk of cerebrovascular events. However, there is a paucity of data regarding the changes in the oxidative stress markers in patients with atherosclerotic stroke after statin use. This study evaluated changes in oxidative stress markers after short-term use of a high-dose statin in patients with atherosclerotic stroke. Methods Rosuvastatin

was administered at a dose of 20 mg/day to 99 patients who had suffered an atherosclerotic stroke and Erastin no prior statin use. Blood samples were collected before and 1 month after dosing, and the serum levels of four oxidative stress markers-malondialdehyde (MDA), oxidized LDL (oxLDL), protein carbonyl content (PCO), and 8-hydroxy-2′-deoxyguanosine (8-OHdG)-were evaluated to determine the oxidation of MDA and lipids, proteins, and DNA, respectively, at PD98059 nmr both of those time points. Results The baseline levels and the degrees of reduction after statin use differed among the oxidative stress markers measured. MDA and PCO levels were associated with infarct volumes on diffusion-weighted imaging (r=0.551, p smaller than 0.05, and r=0.444, p=0.05, respectively). Statin use decreased MDA and oxLDL levels (both p smaller than 0.05) but not the PCO or 8-OHdG level. While the reduction in MDA levels after statin use was Fedratinib not associated with changes in cholesterol, that in oxLDL levels was proportional to the reductions in cholesterol (r=0.479, p smaller than 0.01), LDL

(r=0.459, p smaller than 0.01), and apolipoprotein B (r=0.444, p smaller than 0.05). Conclusions The impact of individual oxidative stress markers differs with time after ischemic stroke, suggesting that different oxidative markers reflect different aspects of oxidative stress. In addition, short-term use of a statin exerts antioxidant effects against lipid peroxidation via lipid-lowering-dependent and -independent mechanisms, but not against protein or DNA oxidation in atherosclerotic stroke patients.”
“This study describes the development of a series of 1-arylsulfonyl-6-(N-hydroxyacrylamide)tetrahydroquinolines, potent histone deacetylase (HDAC) inhibitors which are cytotoxic to PC-3 cells. (E)-N-hydroxy-3-(1-(4-methoxyphenylsulfonyl)-1,2,3,4-tetrahydroquinolin-6-yl)acrylamide (11) exhibits marked anti-HDAC and antiproliferative activity, and is slightly more effective than N-1-hydroxy-N-8-phenyloctanediamide (SAHA, Vorinostat, 1).

(C) 2015 Elsevier B V All rights reserved “
“Background: De

(C) 2015 Elsevier B.V. All rights reserved.”
“Background: Despite the utility of antiangiogenic drugs in ovarian cancer, efficacy remains limited due to resistance linked to alternate angiogenic pathways and metastasis. Therefore, we investigated PG545, an anti-angiogenic and anti-metastatic agent which is currently in Phase I clinical trials, using preclinical models of ovarian cancer. Methods: PG545′ s anti-cancer activity was investigated in vitro and in vivo as a single

agent, and in combination with paclitaxel, cisplatin or carboplatin using various ovarian cancer cell lines and tumour models. Results: PG545, selleck chemicals alone, or in combination with chemotherapeutics, inhibited proliferation of ovarian cancer cells, demonstrating synergy with paclitaxel in A2780 cells. PG545 inhibited growth factor-mediated cell migration and reduced HB-EGF-induced phosphorylation of ERK, AKT and EGFR in vitro and significantly reduced

tumour burden Blebbistatin which was enhanced when combined with paclitaxel in an A2780 model or carboplatin in a SKOV-3 model. Moreover, in the immunocompetent ID8 model, PG545 also significantly reduced ascites in vivo. In the A2780 maintenance model, PG545 initiated with, and following paclitaxel and cisplatin treatment, significantly improved overall survival. PG545 increased plasma VEGF levels (and other targets) in preclinical models and in a small cohort of advanced cancer patients which might represent a potential biomarker of response. Conclusion: Our results support clinical testing of PG545, particularly in combination with paclitaxel, as a novel therapeutic strategy for ovarian cancer. (C) 2015 Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved.”
“The primary cilium is a microtubule-based nonmotile organelle that extends from the surface of cells, including renal tubular cells. Here, we investigated the alteration of primary cilium length during epithelial cell injury and repair, following ischemia/reperfusion (I/R) insult, and the role of reactive oxygen

species in this alteration. Thirty minutes of bilateral renal ischemia induced severe renal tubular cell damage and an increase of plasma creatinine (PCr) AR-13324 molecular weight concentration. Between 8 and 16 days following the ischemia, the increased PCr returned to normal range, although without complete histological restoration. Compared with the primary cilium length in normal kidney tubule cells, the length was shortened 4 h and 1 day following ischemia, increased over normal 8 days after ischemia, and then returned to near normal 16 days following ischemia. In the urine of I/R-subjected mice, acetylated tubulin was detected. The cilium length of proliferating cells was shorter than that in nonproliferating cells. Mature cells had shorter cilia than differentiating cells.

However, for STEMI patients receiving primary PCI, the influence

However, for STEMI patients receiving primary PCI, the influence of MR on long-term (35 years) outcome is unknown. Methods: We examined 888 STEMI patients receiving primary PCI enrolled in a prospective database at a regional STEMI center, who had an echocardiogram within 72 hr following successful primary PCI. MR was graded by color Doppler as none/trace vs. mild vs. moderate/severe. Mean +/- SD follow-up was 3.1 +/- 1.4 years. Results: For patients with none/trace (n = 469), mild (n = 325), and moderate/severe (n = 94) MR, mortality at 3 years was 8.1%, 13.6%, and 25.7% and at 5 years was 12.7%, 18.3%, and 33.5%, respectively (P < 0.0001, log-rank test).

Patients with moderate/severe MR tended

ABT-263 to be older (P < 0.0001) with lower ejection fraction (P < 0.0001) and were less likely to have had an anterior Givinostat ic50 MI (P < 0.001). Independent predictors of mortality included age, creatinine, and heart rate. Conclusions: Following primary PCI for STEMI, echocardiographic detected MR in the first 72 hr following PCI stratifies mortality risk. However, when accounting for age, MR is not an independent predictor of mortality. (c) 2011 Wiley Periodicals, Inc.”
“BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE: The spinal cord is a site of predilection for MS lesions. While diffusion tensor imaging is useful for the study of anisotropic systems such as WM tracts, it is of more limited utility in tissues with more isotropic microstructures (on the length scales studied with diffusion MR imaging) such as gray matter.

In contrast, diffusional kurtosis imaging, which measures both Gaussian and non-Gaussian properties of water diffusion, provides more biomarkers of both anisotropic and isotropic structural changes. The aim of this study was to investigate the cervical spinal cord of patients with MS and to characterize lesional and normal-appearing gray matter and IPI-549 WM damage by using diffusional kurtosis imaging. MATERIALS AND METHODS: Nineteen patients (13 women, mean age = 41.1 10.7 years) and 16 controls (7 women, mean age = 35.6 11.2-years) underwent MR imaging of the cervical spinal cord on a 3T scanner (T2 TSE, T1 magnetization-prepared rapid acquisition of gradient echo, diffusional kurtosis imaging, T2 fast low-angle shot). Fractional anisotropy, mean diffusivity, and mean kurtosis were measured on the whole cord and in normal-appearing gray matter and WM. RESULTS: Spinal cord T2-hyperintense lesions were identified in 18 patients. Whole spinal cord fractional anisotropy and mean kurtosis (P = .0009, P = .003), WM fractional anisotropy (P = .01), and gray matter mean kurtosis (P = .006) were significantly decreased, and whole spinal cord mean diffusivity (P = .009) was increased in patients compared with controls. Mean spinal cord area was significantly lower in patients (P = .04).

Conclusions: Relevance of different potential benefits was ba

\n\nConclusions: Relevance of different potential benefits was based on objective and subjective indicators of need. Perceived

Cell Cycle inhibitor efficacy of the inhaled insulin described in this study for avoiding postprandial hyperglycemia and discomfort/ inconvenience were the benefits most strongly related to the evaluation of and interest in this medication.”
“Background: Acoustic signals are part of the courtship of many insects and they often act as species-specific signals that are important in the reproductive isolation of closely related species. Here we report the courtship songs of the sand fly Lutzomyia (Nyssomyia) intermedia, one of the main vectors of cutaneous leishmaniasis in Brazil.\n\nFindings: Recordings were performed using insects from three localities from Eastern Brazil: Posse and Jacarepagua in Rio de Janeiro State and Corte de Pedra in Bahia State. The three areas have remnants of the Brazilian Atlantic forest, they are endemic for cutaneous leishmaniasis and L. intermedia is the predominant sand fly species. We observed that during courtship L. intermedia males from all populations produced pulse songs consisting of short trains. No significant differences in song parameters were observed between the males of the three localities.\n\nConclusions: L. intermedia males produce acoustic signals as reported

for some other sand flies click here such as the sibling species of the Lutzomyia longipalpis complex. The lack of differences between the males from the three localities is consistent with previous molecular studies of the period gene carried out in the same populations, reinforcing the idea that L. intermedia

is not a species complex in the studied areas and that the three populations are likely to have similar vectorial capacities.”
“The effects of vision development and light intensity on schooling behaviour during growth in juvenile Pacific bluefin tuna Thunnus orientalis were investigated using both behavioural and histological approaches. The schooling behaviour of three age groups [25, 40 and 55 days post hatching (dph)] of WH-4-023 concentration juvenile T. orinetalis were examined under various light intensities. Subsequently, schooling variables, such as the nearest neighbour distance (D(NN)) and the separation swimming index (I(SS)), were also measured under different light intensities. Furthermore, retinal indices of light adaptation in juvenile fish at each experimental light intensity and visual acuities in six stages (25-55 dph) of juveniles were examined histologically. During growth, the light intensity thresholds of I(SS) decreased from 5 to 0.05 lx, and D(NN) under light conditions (> 300 lx) also decreased from 9.2 times the standard length (L(S)) to 12 times L(S). The thresholds of light intensities for the light adaptation of retinas in juveniles (25-55 dph) similarly decreased from 5 to 0.05 lx with growth. In addition, the visual acuities of juveniles developed from 0.04 to 0.17 with decreasing D(NN).

A fifth group served as a control (n = 2,377) Interventions were

A fifth group served as a control (n = 2,377). Interventions were randomized across 32 villages in Wardak province. Outcomes were measured through two household

surveys separated by one year and twice-weekly household surveillance conducted over 16 months. The households receiving all three interventions showed reduction in diarrhoea compared with the control group, through both longitudinal surveillance data (IRR [95% CI] = 0.61 [0.47-0.81]) and cross-sectional survey data BYL719 mw (AOR [95% CI] = 0.53 [0.30-0.93]). This reduction was significant when all household members were included, but did not reach significance when only children under five were considered. These results suggest multi-barrier methods are necessary where there are many opportunities for water

contamination. Surveillance data suggested a greater impact of interventions on reducing diarrhoeal diseases than data from the surveys. Higher economic status as measured through household assets was associated with lower rates of diarrhoea and greater intervention uptake, excepting Clorin. Use of soap was also associated with lower prevalence of diarrhoea.”
“Choice of grazing intensity (i.e., stocking rate or grazed sward height) has an important role in the functioning of grassland ecosystems; however, the effect of grazing intensity on size selleck chemicals llc and relative importance of various grassland nutrient pools is not well understood. The objective of this 2-yr study, conducted on soils from the Plummer and Sparr series, was to determine the effect of stubble height after grazing (SH) on nutrient distribution among plant and MI-503 solubility dmso soil (0- to 20-cm depth) nutrient pools in ‘Tifton 85′ bermudagrass (Cynodon spp.) pastures. Swards were stocked rotationally and grazed every 28 d to SH of 8, 16, and 24 cm. Green herbage, plant litter, and root-rhizome pool masses increased

as SH increased. Plant nutrient concentrations (g kg(-1)) were relatively unresponsive to SH, but soil C and N concentrations increased by 23 and 34%, respectively, as SH increased. Nutrient content (kg ha(-1)) of all plant pools increased as SH increased, mainly a function of increasing pool mass. Soil pool P and K content (Mehlich-1) were not affected by SH, but total C (17%) and N (27%) content increased with taller SH. The soil pool to 20 cm contained approximately 40, 85, 90, and 80% of K, P, N, and C, respectively. Reducing grazing intensity of Tifton 85 bermudagrass pastures appears to be a viable strategy for increasing nutrient content of most plant pools and for increasing the N and C content of the soil pool.”
“In Libya, haemoglobin estimation is not used routinely to assess the fitness of blood donors. We examined the importance of including this parameter in donor selection.